About Us

My name is Michael Anthony of A Special Locksmith. I have been locksmithing for over thirty-five years. I started locksmithing in the state of New York, where I had a lock shop for many years before I sold it and went to work independently. I worked for some of the largest lock companies in New York City as well as managing them. I then moved to the State of Georgia in 2003 and started A Special Locksmith. I am a licensed, bonded and insured locksmith.

I do work for some of the largest real estate companies here, as well as schools, churches, banks, commercial businesses, industrial businesses, and residential houses. I take great pride in my work, paying attention to every detail. My work is a reflection of my business so I make sure everything is done right from the beginning to end. I don’t want to do work for you just once, but every time the need may arise. I want to be recommended by you to your friends, relatives, coworkers and everyone you meet. I hope to leave you with a lasting positive impression of my work so you will feel confident in recommending me.

If you don’t know what it is that you need, call me, I will advise you. If you just want to change your locks because they are not the right color, call me, I’ll make sure they’re aesthetically pleasing. Or maybe they just need a repair, call me, I’ll repair them. Perhaps you just want to add a lock or two. I’ll take care of that for you. Or maybe you just bought your house or business and you want to rekey it so the key issued to you does not work anymore. I’d be happy to rekey your house or business and issue you new keys. I can also make you as many keys as you need on the spot.