Locksmith Services

Emergency Locksmith

At some point or another, most of us have accidentally locked ourselves out of our cars or homes. A Special Locksmith offers round the clock emergency services when you have a problem with a lock. Whether you need a quick key replacement or have been the victim of vandalism or theft, we are available anytime to replace your locks and keys and restore your peace of mind.

Residential Services

We have the customized security solutions you are looking for to protect your personal property. For the installation or upgrade of your existing deadbolts and lock sets, to state of the art keyless entry systems, we offer a wide range of residential security options and quality products.

Commercial Locksmith

Business owners know that a solid security system is vitally important to the safety of the organization. Protect your commercial property with the services of one of the leading locksmith and security experts in the Cummings, Alpharetta, and Roswell areas. A Special Locksmith will assess any potential problems when you schedule a free consultation and provide you with a variety of security solutions to safeguard commercial buildings, restricted areas, specific offices, desks, cabinets, and furniture. We install emergency panic bars too.